The idea came after the last espisode of the mini-series Chernobyl. We recognize the importance of materials in manufacturing industries to serve people and to build a sustainable world.

With respect to the macro industry like energy, the whole world is looking for clean solutions to meet the huge demand while ensuring the balance of the environment and ecosystem, the goals neither nuclear nor fossil energy sources can satisfy now.

We have also thought about finding eco materials for other civil industries to create new values to replace the current products of fossil materials which need a thousand years to be decomposed, and that’s reason why we implementing the NATURE YOU Project.

NATURE YOU focuses on manufacturing and processing essential human items. From the simplest items for dining, kitchen to funiture items and be with you in your trip.

Wish to minimize the impact of disposable items made from plastic, all of NATURE YOU products are durable and reusable. They are all made from natural organic materials with short growth time and environmentally friendly.

Use NATURE YOU products to join us in building a sustainable world.

Save it, save us!

Ecofriendly product provider